In the 1um1.net/ Festival, in Lisbon, was a great chance to discuss about feature tecnologie, the cross knowladge with science and art, and also to speak about reviewed concepts of Landscape and Soundscape, That was the main stream concept adopt by the festival :

The works selected for the exhibition, talks, workshops and performances explore this by considering the inter-relationships that inform the perception and construction of our landscape. Special attention has been placed on works which directly or indirectly address the extension of our perceptual facilities and how they assist us to processes our relations within the world. In particular the works selected conceptually address issues of awareness, information and control, mediation and empowerment, loss and disappearance, habit and tradition. In their form and aesthetic they are objects, techniques and tools which provide the space to allow for the consideration of alternatives, informing us of our position, differences and the limits, which can open or close possible landscapes and realities.

Landscape ( or soundscape) is vibrating dialog between the individual and the enviroment. And the problem with the new dialog in the city, is that we find our sounds anoying, and we disconnect the city in our breath, in our ears. The journey is to reinstall this voices in your creative joy. Play with the arquiteture, and vibrations of the city, so loud that we can listen again, and re make our concept of what this have to say, as a comunication factor.

If you think about it, even the normal rotulate “noise” have a communicator effect. Usually they are saying how poluid, dangerous and powerfull a situation is. Like a big avenue, full of cars, will not be the same, if it were silent. This could be deadly dangerous. But suddenly, if all the buzzes were harmonic correspondent, all “Fords” make the “C minor” scale, by variantion of models, and all the “BMW” the ” E mejor “… Or in a low speed street, a melody is played, with the contact of the wheels and concrete pieces, when u reach the velocity of 40Km/h. Safety, information and fun together.

Ok. I shake all this ideas inside, and walk around, waiting for something to make sense together, so I could start some project copulation.
Than I met one of the legendary figures of STEIM, Frank Baldé, creator of Lisa and JunXion, great hand helpers for manipulating samples and connecting controllers.

So, I said to Frank to help me out with his “toys” ( the guy was packed with Wii controls and extended fun game tools ) to build up a dialog setup between the place where the lectures were, and the people that was dealing with the situation.

Many Thanks to Frank!

This is the reason I read http://www.blg.azucrina.org. tnuning posts.

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