Marionet is an interactive installation compose by laptops and people. A program transforms the computer into a musical instrument, based on the physical movement of the own machine, orientating by the X,Y and Z coordinates.

All the machines are connected by a network, making each computer sounding in the others computer body, like in the same time each user can be “Marionette” and PopetMaster.


Marionet was developed in the open source language SuperCollider.
It is also possible for users to install the Marionet application in their own computers, thus opening the opportunity to build new distributed instruments/networks for other contexts.
Whenever the system is set up for a new installation (or other purposes), new characteristics can be implemented, such as randomized sound behavior and hidden proprieties that makes the system have his own life.

Each machine has his own sound persona, and can control itself or other machine at the same time. The screen functions as a visual indicator for messages coming in.
The system doens´t require more than playfull movimment. The complexity involve is only inside the machine.

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