In August 2009, Jessica Piper led a week-long workshop at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, as part of Sommercamp 2009. There were eight participants in the workshop, and we each constructed a chaotic analog computer, and then used it to make drawings. The drawings were produced by an analog xy plotter. Two voltage inputs control the position of a pen in the x and y dimension. The plotter is shown in action in the video. To the right of the plotter is a small circuit board, which is the analog computer.


In addition to building the circuits, and making some beautiful drawings, we discussed a number of topics related to analog computers and chaos. Jessica had done the best to make it easy for us to understand what was going on.

Here is a small fragment of her text that i find amazing and easy as a pistache ice cream:

“In popular usage, chaos is equivalent to unpredictable or random. Mathematically, a random signal is noise. If the noise is truly random, as in Gaussian white noise, there’s no correlation between its past and its future. For example, imagine flipping a coin. What
you got on the last flip has nothing to do with the current flip: it’s memoryless.

On the other hand, chaos is deterministic. This means that actually, chaos is the opposite of noise, because the past controls the future! However, the relationship is so complicated you can’t discern it by guessing. Instead, you have to calculate it out.”

Some pictures with the coordinates

X and X “
Plotter with analogue circuits

X` and X“
Plotter with analogue circuits

The power of two – Super Collider Scope
In the first moment, power of two, for me, sound like a poetic sentence with a socialist pepper. Than, in the middle of a help file from Super Collider.
“shift S change style to lissajou (use only with fast computer and small buffer size)
shift A allocate buffer size so it fills the screen (to next power of two) (this can be dangerous, might crash)”

Than I realize that this means in portuguese ” elevado a segunda potencia ” ( elevate in the second power ). Than I realize that everything that I end up doing or enjoying have power of two involve. Binary numbers, exponent, computer data type, sounds, bier, cigarrets, the smoke fo the cigarets… all connecting with some chaotic behavior.

Than I come back also to the poetic power of two. Things can happen strangely, but the most strange things that can happens, always happens when is 2. or more. Secrets cannot win from the power of Two. Secrets become comunicators, and spread themselves. Like a virus.

In Super Collider, you can find some Quad functions, that basically are based in a fix equazion, like in the analog computer. Some Study about. ( this is not a close code, u need to check line by line >>


p = ProxySpace.push; // this will 0 the proxy memory

~quad = { |freq=340, df=0.3, a= 1, b= -1, c = -0.75|[freq, freq + df] * 0.3, a, b, c) * [0.5, 0.5] }; // thats the declaration of quad

~quad.set(\a, 1.1123); // record some special sets
~quad.set(\b, -1.123);

NodeProxyEditor(~quad); // editor freq, df, a, b und c coordinate

Spec.add(\freq, [20, 16000, \amp]); // declaring range in Proxy control
Spec.add(\freq, [20, 16000, \exp]); // declaring range exponencial in Proxy control
Spec.add(\freq, [20, 2000]); // declaring another different range control
Spec.add(\a, [-1, 1]);
Spec.add(\b, [-1, 1]);
Spec.add(\c, [-1, 1]);
Spec.add(\df, [-10, 10]);

QuadC.equation; // reference equation print; // sound to play finaly

~quad.scope; // select the s.scopeWindow, check the help in the end for short cuts.(shift+S, shift+A is the best ones)
Stethoscope.openHelpFile; // where u also can see the power of two.!

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